With a regional focus on the US semiconductor market, the EU Power Semiconductor Executive Summits seeks to strengthen the EU supply chain and promote key executives in the semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research through our networking and conference platform which consists of working with key industry stakeholders to encourage progress and collaboration.

Accelerate Growth

Testimonials From Previous ISES Events:

Hear attendees and speakers from our China ISES 2021 and Taiwan ISES 2021 events detail their experience at our events.

TISES Event 2021

CISES Event 2021

Exclusive Event

Our audiences are exclusive members and are carefully profiled pre-registration. They will be attending the EU Power Semiconductor Executive Summit because the timing is right and are looking for new solution providers or meet with current solution providers in one place.

Reasons to Attend PSES

Technology Driver

Power electronics is a technology driver for the future. Industries and countries around the world are pushing to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The world is moving towards carbon neutrality and power semiconductors will play a crucial role in this realisation.

Consumer Demand

The increased demand for electric vehicles, consumer electronics, 5G and IoT, and automation of industrial equipment is fueling power semiconductor efficiency, performance, size, cost, and sustainability.

Our Venue

Arizona Grand Resort

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Key Topics

EU PSES will feature keynotes and panels by a collection of semiconductor industry leaders and executives from across the globe.

SiC and GaN Manufacturability
SiC Wafer & Materials
Variety of WBG Applications
Power Packaging
Design and Reliability

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