Dr. Marnix



CTO & VP Business Development

Dr. Tack got a MSc degree in Electronic Engineering in 1984 from the Univ of Gent (Belgium) and a PhD degree in Microelectronics in 1990 from the Univ of Leuven & imec (Belgium). He got additional degrees in international business management and innovation leadership from the Vlerick Business School (Belgium), INSEAD (France), MIT (US) and IMD (Swiss). He joined MIETEC, a semiconductor company in Belgium in 1990, that became Alcatel Microelectronics, and was acquired by AMI Semiconductor in 2002 and ON Semiconductor in 2008.

In Feb 2022 he joined BelGaN that acquired part of onsemi in Belgium, as CTO and VP Business Development.

Throughout the past 30+ years he was leading global professional teams in various fields of semiconductor R&D and Innovation, including Si CMOS & BCD, power MOSFETs and GaN. He also took the lead in setting up and driving a corporate innovation business process and global Open Innovation partnerships in the field of novel semiconductor technologies and products

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11:15 – 11:35


September 20, 2022

11:15 – 11:35

BelGaN — A unique Wide-Band-Gap semiconductor foundry in Belgium, driving the "GaN Valley" in Europe and beyond

The presentation will start with introducing BelGaN, a new semiconductor company that originated in Feb 2022 from the acquisition of parts of onsemi in Belgium. BelGaN will bring a leading automotive qualified open foundry to the WBG ecosystem, to enable European and global customers developing and manufacturing unique automotive and multi-market solutions for a sustainable electrified future. In the 2nd part of the presentation we will present 'GaN-Valley', a WBG ecosystem that will accelerate the introduction and growth of disruptive technologies like GaN into multi-markets such as chargers, automotive, datacom, industrial, renewal energy etc. 50-yr old Si-Valley has been instrumental to initiate and grow a datadriven industry, fuelled by applications such as computers, mobile communication, internet, IOT, Al, autonomous systems, that generate an huge data-explosion (IOOX over 10yr) enabling the digitalized society. Similarly, GaN-Valley, as a WBG ecosystem, will enable the electricity-explosion (2x over 20yr) caused by the electrification of many systems (such as e-Vehicles), while reducing carbon-emission. As such WBG-technologies will be instrumental to build a sustainable green society. We will present the current status and opportunities of 'GaN-Valley', and end with a call for collaboration to enable the acceleration of WBG introduction to build a sustainable and more autonomous future in Europe.


BelGaN BV Westerring 15 9700 Oudenaarde Belgium www.belgan.be +32 55 332211 Be a leading automotive qualified open foundry in the Wide Band Gap ecosystem Enabling our customers to develop and manufacture unique solutions for a sustainable electrified future Creating value through our employees’ enthusiasm, talents and commitment. BelGaN, as a WBG foundry in Europe, enables and services a rapidly expanding GaN-ecosystem in Europe (‘GaN-Valley’) and beyond with innovative and high-quality WBG semiconductor technologies and a highly efficient value-add 6 and 8 inch manufacturing facility. BelGaN adds unique services such as customer-driven Technology-as-a-Service (customized processes), Manufacturing-as-a-Service, and Quality-as-a-Service to the traditional foundry business model whereas we cooperate with suppliers and customers to deliver automotive quality products to the market. BelGaN develops and bring-to-market a rich roadmap of GaN & SiC platforms, driven by our customers’ needs and our core strengths and vision. We partner with leading universities and RTO’s in an Open Innovation model to prepare our innovation roadmap and bring differentiating innovations to our customers. Manufacturing Facility: Wafer fab with over 4500 m2 of clean room space, located on a 44.000 m2campus. Fab: 6 & 8 inch (planned). Production: GaN Technologies & 0.35 µm to 2 µm Low, Medium, and High Voltage Analog CMOS and BCD Technologies.